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Dublin is constantly full of activities day and night. The city is swamped with conventional pubs, bars, taverns, clubs and drinking dens. It is here in Dublin where you can find everything; from a cozy and quiet smoky bar to a more upscale and chic one.

Dublin’s Temple Bar which is identified as “Dublin’s Left Bank” is the cultural center of the city. Some say it reflects the country’s current rise in economy and in cultural stature.

It is true that Ireland, by no means, lacks musical culture and on no account does their citizens have any shortage when it comes to artistic and cultural talents.

But the good news is that the city itself has just begun to start fostering these talents and the Temple Bar itslef, has become its haven.

Before Temple Bar became known as the cultural center of the city adorned with photo and art galleries around from OConnell Bridge to Christchurch Cathedral, it was an abandoned metropolis till the early ‘90s. It was then converted into an international epicenter that astonishingly transformed a dilapidated part of town into a contemporary and an up-and-coming urban premise.

There is definitely no scarcity when it comes to leisure, entertainment and diversion in this vicinity. There are ample bars, pubs, cafes, hotels, shops and restaurants to choose from. It can easily be said that this part of the town is the most versatile place in the metropolis.

I suggest that once you arrive, immediately drop your baggage, prep yourself up and get ready to walk around the Temple Bar and take in everything you see and grab that fusion of Irish culture.

It would also help make the stroll around Temple Bar much more invigorating if you get a chance to learn more about the history of the place.

This place was one of the worst run-down portions of the city. It was supposedly scheduled for demolition before a project was implemented to totally revamp the whole area.

Its destiny then was to become a sanctuary for artists and it became the link to the preservation of the city’s history, culture and traditions.

I have to warn you now, not to expect a Disneyland-type of vacation. Always keep in mind that the place has an edge of grimness back from the not-so-long-ago days. This to me adds a more distinct zest that enhances the rareness and exclusivity that is the core of the Dublin. This makes it all the more uniquely Ireland.

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