Quick stop travel tour of Cork and Kerry

Quick stop travel tour of Cork and Kerry
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Quick stop travel tour of Cork and Kerry

Do you want a quick stop tour of Ireland?, we have a special itinerary that would suit those visiting Cork and Kerry! Ireland is one of the best places to go to if you want to see a lot of extraordinary things and you want to experience a country with a very rich history. They have a lot of tourists and most of them want to go to a lot of places in Ireland. The problem is Ireland is so big and so equally beautiful and historically significant that one can have a big problem choosing. For these purposes, here are the best places to visit if you have a limited time only.

1) The Dingle Peninsula- Located in the most Western part of Ireland, the Dingle Peninsula mixes the magnificent glistening coastline as well as the towering mountains and forms a picturesque scenery. There is the Fort Dunebag that that was used as a fort from the 9th to the 10th Century BC. There is also the especially beautiful Slea Head section and the Basket Islands that have only recently been uninhabited.
2) Blarney Castle- According to the Blarney legend, if you kiss the Blarney stone, you will be gifted with “blarney”. This is the “gift for gab” or the gift for talking. The castle itself is not famous and may only be known because of the legend.
3) Cork- is a particularly popular place although it pales in comparison when it comes to the other places of significance in Ireland. It is mostly an industrial city although there are also some attractions as well. Blackrock River on the River Lee is one of the attractions that this place has and the same was built in the 19th Century.
4) Kinsale- This highly-significant port of call is particularly famous for its pair of star-shaped ports in the harbor. Historically speaking, Kinsale is very rich. Many wars passed through here involving many combatants from Spaniards to Englishmen to Germans.
5) Gougane Barra- The Gougane Barra National Forrest Park is a very quaint and scenic place in the Beara Peninsula. Those who like walking trips and areas that are not so crowded would definitely enjoy this place.

All these places are located close to each other, ideal for people on a quick stop tour of Kerry and Cork. Picture above of the beautiful harbour at Kinsale.

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