Hop Island Equestrian Centre

Hop Island Equestrian Centre
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Hop Island Equestrian Centre

Hop Island Equestrian Centre is situated on an island in Cork Harbou which happens to be a quick travel drive from the city. This place tenders a calm and stillness found in rustic scenery. The center assures us accommodation for all levels of horsemanship.

With the support and approval of Association of Irish Riding Establishments (AIRE) and Bord Failte, Hop Island Equestrian Centre proposes an incomparable entertainment atmosphere.

The center prides itself in being able to cater to the individual interest of every age group. The facilities and amenities comprises of a huge indoor arena as well as an outdoor arena. The place also has livery stables, a tack room, pony stalls, a feed room, school horse stables, a schooling cross country course which includes jumps, banks and ditches as well as an access to the center’s very own private pebbled coastline and Hop Island House.

Other that, their services boasts of the utmost value for coaching and lessons for all age groups. The center also teaches a series of control and discipline. Everyone is assured by the center to have a totally enjoyable experience unlike any other. Their amenities comprises of a floodlit indoor and outdoor areas.

Their remarkable indoor area can be rented by groups or individuals as well. Comprehensible instructions are at your disposal to assist and help you in further developing your jumping performances as well as your dressage abilities.

For the daring and fearless individuals, there is an extremely difficult route that you can take. For those of you who would like to opt for a more relaxed alternative option, you might want to try several beach rides in the local sandy coastlines of the center.

You can partake in any of the activities that Hop Island Equestrian Centre offers. This would include the following in the nearby country side: Show Jumping, Cross Country, Horse Riding, Dressage and Trekking.

Every essential gear is made available for your security and protection. The instructions offered are competent and easy to understand for everyone that visits the place. This would include rules for starters all the way to the advance level riders. The place also provides riding aficionado regulations with regards to riding and hunting (with local hunts in season) aside from the usual activities offered.

Aside from the standard training and private coaching, the center’s veteran workforce is accessible to guide and re-instruct your ponies and horses. Another good thing in the Hop Island Equestrian Centre is their horses – all of which are of the finest breeds; and all of which are suited for every riding level.

Other features and amenities that might catch your fancy would be bars, clubs, eateries, cafes, restaurants, hotels, golf courses, country walks, cinemas, sailing, and so much more. These are all found nearby the Hop Island Equestrian Centre. For those of you who find pleasure in shopping, you will discover that there are a variety of craft stores and boutiques which are found in shopping malls – approximately five (5) minutes away from the center.

The main goal of the Hop Island Equestrian Centre is to promote and aid in the progress and advancement of the rider and the horse – both in a proficient and pleasant environment. Each and every animal in the center are cared for in the most exceptional manner and is provided with all its essential needs and requirements.

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