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The Shannon-Erne Waterway is a canal that serves as a channel that links the River Shannon in the Republic of Ireland along with the river Erne in Northern Ireland. Handled by Waterways Ireland, the canal is 63 kilometers long and comprises of 16 locks, 34 stone bridges and 6 perfectly completed services as well as secure vicinity while it presently flows from Leitrim village in County Leitrim to Upper Lough Erne in County Fermanagh.

The labor on the first canal began in 1846 and had to undergo fourteen (14) years for its total completion. The canal on the other hand continued to be unbolted, merely for nine (9) years as the era of the fog and railways endow the canal superfluously.

The Shannon-Erne Waterway simultaneously intertwines the rivers, lakes and streams delicately; in addition to that, they are quaintly sprinkled amid the Ernie and Leitrim Village. The vision of eternally uniting the grand rivers Shannon and the Erne was finally accomplished. The principal launch of the Shannon-Erne Waterway happened at the Corraguil Lock, Teemore, County Fermanagh on May 23, 1994.

The sixteen locks have guaranteed the waterway as something that is unquestionably practical. On the other hand, the mixture of the natural world, the countryside as well as the vast historical and archaeological sites en route assures the esteem of this outstanding and serene freeway.

From the original date of 150 years ago, 300 kilometers of passable waterway may now be experienced by outdoorsy people; together with those individuals who have a soft spot for outdoor activities such as walking, jogging, biking, strolling, golfing, cycling and horseback riding.

Wander down the famous Shannon-Erne Waterway or alongside the regal River Erne and you’ll witness that Cavan is a perfect place for sailing. Sprinkled with glistering rivers and lakes, this part of Ireland is an authentic sailor’s delight. The waterway encourages you to take pleasure in touring, sailing, fishing, canoeing and cruising beside Europe’s longest traversable Inland waterway.


The River Erne, situated in the northwestern part of Ireland ascends from Lough Gowna in Country Cavan gushing via County Fermanagh while finishing off in Ballyshannon in County Donegal. The river is 120 kilometers in length and is extremely well-known for trout fishing; with a quantity of fisheries equally beside the river itself along with its other branches. The city of Enniskillen is commonly located in the river, on an island.

The River Shannon by the Shannon-Erne Waterway is connected to the River Erne. A nice little trivia about the river is that it obtained its name from Eirne, a mythical princess.

There is but one singular lock on the system; it is the Portora Lock. It is eighty-four (84) kilometers of the River Erne and is crossable from Belleek in Co Fermanagh. Amenities are found at various sites by the side of the river. Being one of the most useful ways for the Vikings, the Erne scheme is by no means a current viable navigation. Beyond any doubt, it is integral and soothing. It is also a leaning stretch of water for lovers of sailing yachts and boats as well as for those who want to past the time, have a means of diversion and for boorish anglers.

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