Armagh Planetarium – A Universal Appeal

Armagh Planetarium – A Universal Appeal
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Armagh Planetarium – A Universal Appeal

The Armagh Celestial Cathedral is located at the Armagh Planetarium, College Hill, Co. Armagh BT61 9DB. The Armagh Planetarium has collectively drawn together a remarkable and stirring compilation of interactive displays, educational and instructive exhibits and astronomical images by means of space discovery and education as its main focal point.

People who visit the planetarium has the privilege to utilize the interactive displays in order to discover more about the cosmos while gazing at the newest space information in real time.

Individuals visiting this planetarium embark on this voyage starting with the “Earth to Heavens” exhibition with its huge “NI map” and “Celestial Cathedral” windows viewing “Hubble Space Telescope” with the imagery of the Deep Space, Northern Lights and the Milky Way.

The Armagh Celestial Cathedral is a stunning gallery of illuminated profound space images shot by none other than the Hubble Space Telescope – outlined in vivid gothic arches.

A whole-scale replica of the “International Space Station” visibly emerges above and interactive exhibits helps promote encouragement to broaden the examination, investigation and exploration of this out-of-this-world feeling.

As you continue your trip to the International Space Station, you might just be inclined to check Mars in the planetarium. In the “Mars Room”, images of the ill-fated Beagle 2 and NASA’s winning Viking Robot together with large-scale 3D photos of the Red Planets grand and marvelous craters and canyons.

This also includes 3D stereo room and the latest immersive gallery that has the ability to develop stereoscopic animations of the Solar System discovery.The Astropark is a scale replica of the Universe wherein individuals can stroll through the Solar System and at the same time looking over the Milky Way and beyond.

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