6 Budget Tips for Traveling in Ireland

6 Budget Tips for Traveling in Ireland
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6 Budget Tips for Traveling in Ireland

The last time I was in Ireland, my friends and I had a wonderful time even though we were on a pretty tight budget. None of us were the frivolous kind and we all wanted to experience Ireland raw. We got as much as we wanted and we didn’t have to break the piggy bank to do so. If you want to experience the same thing, here are some tips.

1) Booking ahead- This is one tip that any regular traveler knows. Booking months ahead, whether as to rooms, airfare or guided tours is so much cheaper. Another extra tip is to book as a group as there may be packages that you can avail of.

2) Dine in- Ireland is not exactly a cheap place to eat in. Restaurants are notoriously expensive and it could cost a lot just to have a simple dinner. Understandably you want to experience dining out in Ireland. There are numerous restaurants that offer early bird specials which could save you a lot of money. Eating out at lunch is also less expensive but if you insist on dining out at night for the experience, limit the number of times you would do it. Although prices are getting more competitive in restaurants, so you can check around and maybe pick up a deal.

3) Your Credit is Good- Credit cards are very useful in Ireland if you know how to use it. If you’re going to make a big purchase, use your credit card and insist that you are billed in Euros. The best currency exchange rates are on credit cards!

4) Go for the Grocery- You can save a lot of money by buying food from the supermarket. This is especially true when it comes to bottled water and other drinks as restaurants and stores have a high mark up. I know, you want Irish food, but hey, just find an Irish brand then.

5) Travel slightly Off-season- By traveling to Ireland when tourism isn’t at its highest, you can be sure t save on a lot of things. There are too many hotels in Ireland even during peak months and with less people during the off-season, there will surely be a lot of great deals you can get. I think May and September are good months to do.

6) Reclaim your VAT- If you are exporting goods out of Ireland, you can reclaim your VAT. For sure this will need some documentation such as the saving of receipts and all but you will be saving a lot of dough.

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